Aweber Review

If you’re planning on running any sort of website, you need an email list.

People often say “the money is in the list” and they are 100 percent right.

If you have an email list that you’ve built a relationship with you can make money and drive traffic anywhere you want for free!

There are numerous email marketing providers out there, but my favorite one by far is Aweber.

It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and they’re constantly adding new ways to increase your number of subscribers.

P.S.- In this post I will not be reviewing the new Aweber Campaigns feature. If you’re interested in checking that out you can find someone else’s Aweber Campaigns review here


Okay now let’s talk about why I like Aweber because as you can obviously tell, I’m a big fan.

They have a ton of different forms and things like that, and they make it easy to edit the forms and make them look exactly how you want them to look.

You can also add custom fields to the form so you can get your subscriber’s emails, names, addresses, and whatever else you might need.

You can also edit the “thank you” pages and the “existing subscriber” pages which makes it easy to get your subscribers your bonuses or to get them to confirm the message in their mailbox right after they subscribe.

They also have a very cool “smart” video feature that transfers your subscribers to a page with a custom video based on their email client and shows how they should confirm their email.

It’s very effective!

They obviously have split testing.

If someone is trying to sell you an email marketing tool that doesn’t have split-testing, you should run the other way. They’re probably selling you a terrible product that gives them high commissions.

They also have a ton of message templates so you can customize your message to look as good or as bad as you’d like it to look.

Some of their templates are quite cool-looking, but unless you have a ton of customers already I recommend using just a simple template and not wasting your time on making your emails look beautiful.

Pricing wise I think Aweber is pretty fair.

They have a free 30-day trial, and after that it’s 19 bucks per month if you have less than 500 subscribers.

Once you get above 500 subscribers it goes to $29 per month and then to $49 per month.

It’s not much considering that you should be able to get at least $.1 per month out of each of your subscribers.

Most people say that you should get at least $1 per subscriber, but that depends on the niche and your ways of monetization.

I don’t feel like arguing with people, so whatever.

Anyway, this is my Aweber review.

Hope you found it useful!