My Kids’ AP Exams and College

School is crazy nowadays.

Back in my day (I sound so old writing this phrase) we didn’t have crazy ACTs, SATs, APs, and other strange tests.

Actually I might’ve had to take the SAT. I don’t remember.

Either way, it wasn’t as emphasized as it currently is.

My oldest took 5 AP classes in his senior year of high school, and many of his friends took even more!

He just graduated with a total of 11 or 12 total APs, and he says that that’s what he had to do to get into a good college. (He did get into an absolutely amazing college and I’m so proud of him.)

I’m currently struggling with letting him off to college (he just had his orientation) and it’s going to be difficult.

However, one thing that I struggled with greatly during his high school career was helping him with his AP classes.

I’m not smart enough to assist him with them so all I could do was support him and help him find the best prep materials for him.

That’s where BestAPBooks comes in.

They were great for figuring out what prep materials are best for him, and he praised the website when he was looking for prep books for AP lit, APUSH, and AP Statistics books.

I didn’t find out about the site until the middle of his junior year, but it would’ve been very helpful if I had known about it beforehand.

The CollegeBoard AP Prep info is useful, but it doesn’t have as much information as well-written AP books.

I used to read the reviews on Amazon, but with the influx of “honest and unbiased” reviewers who received the book for free it’s hard to figure out which books will actually get you a 5 on the exam and which reviews are shills.

Also, one thing that you might not have known is that the AP exams change from time to time, so if your oldest kid bought an AP prep book a couple years ago, it might be out of date when your youngest has to use it.

I didn’t know about this until I visited the AP Books website, and I was a bit embarrassed because I kept telling my youngest that he can just use the old books.

I guess I’ll have to buy him newer ones when the time comes, but it’ll be worth it because my oldest is going to college with a ridiculous number of credits.

He could graduate in three years or less thanks to the AP exams he did, but if you’re thinking about having your kid do the same- be careful! Not all colleges give credit for AP scores and for some colleges the credit is simply “elective” credit which means that it’s nearly pointless.

Also, make sure to tell your kid to take the class not just for AP credit and grades, but for the knowledge.Best AP Books

There’s no point in having him get a 5 on the Calculus BC exam just to forget all of it before college starts and have to retake the Calculus 1 math courses there.

It’s not worth it.

I hope that you found this post useful, but for now I’m signing off!

Thank you for reading.

What is Internet Marketing and Can You Make Money With It?

Internet marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online, but what is it actually?

It has many different names.

Affiliate marketing, internet marketing, online marketing, and many others.

In short, it doesn’t differ much from offline marketing.

You find people who might be interested in your product or service and you promote your product and service to them in hopes of getting more customers and sales.


Usually this requires an understanding of search engine optimization, advertising, A/B testing, the customer acquisition funnel, and much more.

How much can you make with it?

There are websites that are making a ton of money purely through affiliate/internet marketing.

However, for every website that’s making a ton, there are 99 websites that were started, but never actually made anything.

It’s quite sad really.

It takes a lot of persistence to succeed in the business and you have to be prepared to fail, fail, and fail again until you finally find a profitable campaign.

You have to be willing to learn a ton of things, to constantly test different landing pages, campaigns, promotion methods, and more, and you have to know that even if you do everything right you still might not succeed because there is a certain element of luck involved.

Fun, right?

Here are a couple bloggers that are killing it through affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind that there are more people who are making money, but who don’t have a guru blog, and that there are even more people who tried to make money online, but completely and totally failed.



Here are the money makers:

Aweber Review

If you’re planning on running any sort of website, you need an email list.

People often say “the money is in the list” and they are 100 percent right.

If you have an email list that you’ve built a relationship with you can make money and drive traffic anywhere you want for free!

There are numerous email marketing providers out there, but my favorite one by far is Aweber.

It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and they’re constantly adding new ways to increase your number of subscribers.

P.S.- In this post I will not be reviewing the new Aweber Campaigns feature. If you’re interested in checking that out you can find someone else’s Aweber Campaigns review here


Okay now let’s talk about why I like Aweber because as you can obviously tell, I’m a big fan.

They have a ton of different forms and things like that, and they make it easy to edit the forms and make them look exactly how you want them to look.

You can also add custom fields to the form so you can get your subscriber’s emails, names, addresses, and whatever else you might need.

You can also edit the “thank you” pages and the “existing subscriber” pages which makes it easy to get your subscribers your bonuses or to get them to confirm the message in their mailbox right after they subscribe.

They also have a very cool “smart” video feature that transfers your subscribers to a page with a custom video based on their email client and shows how they should confirm their email.

It’s very effective!

They obviously have split testing.

If someone is trying to sell you an email marketing tool that doesn’t have split-testing, you should run the other way. They’re probably selling you a terrible product that gives them high commissions.

They also have a ton of message templates so you can customize your message to look as good or as bad as you’d like it to look.

Some of their templates are quite cool-looking, but unless you have a ton of customers already I recommend using just a simple template and not wasting your time on making your emails look beautiful.

Pricing wise I think Aweber is pretty fair.

They have a free 30-day trial, and after that it’s 19 bucks per month if you have less than 500 subscribers.

Once you get above 500 subscribers it goes to $29 per month and then to $49 per month.

It’s not much considering that you should be able to get at least $.1 per month out of each of your subscribers.

Most people say that you should get at least $1 per subscriber, but that depends on the niche and your ways of monetization.

I don’t feel like arguing with people, so whatever.

Anyway, this is my Aweber review.

Hope you found it useful!

Content Samurai Review

For my first post I’m going to do a quick review of Content Samurai.

It’s a Video Sales Letter creator program that’s completely cloud based and as of today it only works on Google Chrome.

The program is very easy to use and creating videos is a very quick process, but it’s not perfect.


The app might be priced a bit too high, and while you get 23 different themes for free, and 20 free songs that are worth over $700 if you were to purchase them separately, the app itself is probably not worth it unless you create more than 5 or 6 videos a month.

Creating a video is very simple.

You write the script, edit the slides and make sure that the text looks how you want it to, pick the background music, record the audio sentence by sentence, check to see if the audio and the text are aligned, and then publish the video.

It’s all quite simple.

Creating your first video should take less than 30 minutes, and if you already have the script set then you can create one video in less than 10 minutes!Content samurai Review

My only issue with Content Samurai is that you cannot edit your voice audio in the app and you have to do it after creating the video which is harder and adds an extra step that isn’t needed.

Of course some people have great microphones and expensive studios, but if you’re operating on a bare-bones budget then you’ll have to use Audacity to edit the audio after your video is completed and then combine the audio and the video once again.

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it’s an extra step that could be implemented into the app to make it better.

Now let’s talk about the pricing.

Content Samurai costs $99 per month, but you can get it at a discount from here.

That discount gets you down to $47 per month which is good, but it can still be a lot for a beginner Internet Marketer.

If you don’t have a way of making the videos you create with the program profitable then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Otherwise you’ll just waste your time and money.

Also there’s no free trial available as of yet, but they might add it in a bit.

We’ll see.

Well that’s the end of this review. What do you personally think of Content Samurai?

Do you like it?

Do you hate it?

Is there something that I haven’t covered that you want me to cover?

Well, too bad because this is how the review is going to stay for now!